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About Us

We focus on developing innovations
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Here is Pro-Int’s Story
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26 momentous years after our incredible journey started, our commitment to create extraordinary products remains unchanged.


Established in 1996, Pro-Int was founded on the passion to combine management and IT, as well as the commitment to bring that passion to life. With a broad knowledge in accounting, finance, management, quality management system and IT, we’ve strived to utilize technology optimally for the benefits of our clients from the very beginning.

With users in mind, we focus on building end-to-end business solutions that apply best practices to daily operations, automate workflows and create simplicity in this complex, challenging environment.

We offer a choice of flexible, integrated and personalized solutions that give enduring benefits to businesses. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in everything we do, making Pro-Int the most trusted name in business process and human resources software in Indonesia.

Today, we are helping local and multinational companies of multiple verticals, including banking, manufacturing, retail, insurance, finance, pharmaceutical, hotel, foods & beverages, and more.

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A Timeless
Dedication to Serve

God bestowed mankind the ability to create and be industrious. Then man is obliged to dedicate his life to a meaningful propose. At Pro-Int Dinamika, we make the effort to apply this basic philosophy of life in our daily activities.

And by harnessing & directing our talents, we believe that together we can dedicate our best solutions towards our esteemed clients satisfaction to achieve their goals.

We believe in growth that is steady and sustainable. We also believe that our current and future prosperity depend on our clients. Without their trust and business growth, we are meaningless.


Integrity of Heart,
Skillfulness of Hands

Integrity is the most fundamental value in our business.

Honesty, sincerity, trustworthiness, willingness to serve and self-control are the positive attitudes reflected from the characters of Pro-Int Dinamika Members. These positive attitudes are valuables assets for us to innovate and create masterpiece of work to dedicate the best endeavor.

Through continuous learning and endless innovation, we keep on improving our products and services to deal with future challenges. With our proficiency we offer the best quality of service to meet customer’s expectations.

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Our Vision and

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