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Compensation & Benefit

Free your HR staff from time-consuming administrative tasks and benefit from our proven payroll solutions that simplify your complex processes and securely handle your confidential data. 

Flexibly define all salary components including allowance, overtime, PPh-21, BPJS, and claims. Generate salary slips in hard/soft copy and quickly transfer salaries via e-banking.

Integration With Attendance Devices

Pro-Int HRIS has integration functionality with attendance devices, such as fingerprint device. This integration allows Pro-Int HRIS to capture attendance data extracted from any attendance device. Once extracted, the application will automatically determine the time in and time out for a particular date, and the attendance status such as present, late, leaving early and others.

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Pay Overtime & Time Related Pay With Ease

In Pro-Int HRIS, Payroll is seamlessly integrated with Time & Attendance record. Helps employee to manage their working hour, start from the overtime order or attendance record, overtime approval and also record the overtime / attendance realization. In advance, user and employee can do many transactions which related with time and attendance effortlessly

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Attendance Analysis

Pro-Int HRIS provides you with abundant reports and analytics to help you optimize work hour and attendance efficiency. Analyzing summary information can help to identify absence pattern and trends, including red flags such as absenteeism and lateness.

The views are equipped with drilldown functionality to allow analysis at more detailed level

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Allowance By Criteria

Do you have pay components that are given based on criteria such as job grade, job location, or others? Pro-Int HRIS is equipped with “salary by criteria” function to address such requirement. You can easily define the rules and criteria for each of the allowance so that the whole process is automated and standardized

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Payslip to Fit All Needs

Create flexible workflow approval framework for single layer, multi layer approvals and exceptional employees feature for those who don’t have any framework. Also feel the extra flexibility by using one template for many transactions.

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Reimburse Through Payroll

Reimburse your Medical Claims, Travel Expenses, Transport Claims, and other Benefit through Payroll. In Pro-Int HRIS, Payroll Module is integrated with Medical, Business Travel, and Benefit Administration to allow such automation.

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e-Banking Simplified

Pro-Int HRIS is equipped with e-Banking support functionality to simplify payroll transfer. Our e-Banking function allows you to export payroll calculation into e-Banking transfer file. The file format is fully customizable to fit the specification of your bank.

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