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Competitive & Efficiency

Human Capital Management System

An integrated Human Capital and Talent Management software designed to enable strategic management of the entire recruit-retain-retire cycle and to create competitive advantage by identifying and developing talent. Pro-Int HRIS software comes in web-based which can be accessed through internet or intranet.

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workforce administration

Workforce Administration

  • System Manager
  • Recruitment
  • Personnel Management
  • Organization & Job Design

  • Leave Administration

  • Termination

compensation & benefit

Compensation & Benefit

  • Payroll Manager
  • PPh-21
  • Loan Management

  • Medical Administration

  • Time Management

  • Social Security
  • Labour Costing
  • Benefit Administration
people development

People Development

  • Recruitment & e-recruitment
  • Training Management
  • Performance & Competency

  • Talent Management

hcis advanced module

Advance Modules

  • Mobile Application
  • Business Travel
  • Document Management
  • HR Dashboard

hr self-service

HR Self Services

  • Employee Self Service
  • Management Self Service

Fully Experience for the Fullest Experience 

Our experience in Human Resource and Technology are our excellency and invaluable things. 

Intelligent Functionalities to Boost Efficient

A ready to operate Human Capital System that covers end-to-end HR activities; from recruitment to retirement and everything in between. We design and build our system to be agile to adapt to your needs and integrated to ease administrative workload so you can focus on what matter.

Integration Functions

Pro-Int HRIS manages the entire employee life-cycle as a single integrated system, covering functions from recruitment to retirement and everything in between including remuneration, performance review and talent development.

This integration is proven to improve efficiency by promoting automation and creating a seamless flow of

work from one function to the next.

Why HCIS Pro-Int?

Empower All Employees & Managers

Pro-Int HRIS answer the latest trend in Human Resources Management that allows employees and managerial level to do Human Resources (HR) transaction by operating the self-service features which also could strategically save excess cost and time. In addition, employees and managers can be more responsible with their own information and HR transaction. Also give the opportunities to HR Professionals to be the expert consultant partner for the HR transactions.

Deliver Trusted & Proven Implementation Methodology

Pro-Int Implementation Methodology has evolved over many years and has been tested through many implementations of varying complexity and agility requirements. This effective, proven, and forward-looking Implementation methodology helps HR Professionals to meet their business objectives with extensive experience in successfully managing timely, cost-effective and impactful implementations.

Create Your Own Customised Report

Pro-Int HRIS gives all the easiness for Human Resources Professional to manage and create their own report with flexible analysis tools. This feature allows the HR Professionals to take action on the data instantly such as flexible and intuitive reporting design and layout, also can be exported to other formats in order to help the HR Professionals to do strategic HR works with up-to date and accurate data.

Elevate The Techology & Security To The Next Level

Pro-Int provides a new and innovative HRIS technology to take care of various HR transactions and feel more secure with company's confidential data which come along with extra protection of database encryption method and password hashing as a default. Pro-Int HRIS also able to do single sign on with active directory

Build Any types of Letters & Get Updated With Notification

Pro-Int HRIS is a catalyst that can elevate your HR team from doing administrative works to initiating strategic improvements. Pro-Int HRIS provides user defined memo function to create templates for any letter, documents, or memo. In addition, Pro-Int HRIS also can minimize problems that occur because of past due date by building reminder and sending email notification

Organize & Create Your Workflow Framework

Pro-Int HRIS helps to facilitate the HR Professionals to create the flexible workflow framework for single or multi-layer for approval framework. Exceptional employee feature is also available for those who don't have any framework. Pro-Int HRIS also gives the extra flexibility to HR Professionals by using one template for many transactions feature.

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