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Strategically & coherently develop your qualified talents to contribute to the corporate goals with the help of Pro-Int HRIS integrated talent management suite.

360° Performance Review

The 360° performance review aims to provide a balanced and thorough insight to performance by engaging multiple personnel’s from various organizational positions in the review process. Pro-Int HRIS enables 360° performance review by allowing you to choose multiple types of appraiser in the performance appraisal process

performance review feedback

Measure & Quantify Achievement

Performance rating is a vital element in the performance management system. Its purpose is to quantify performance into score that can be objectively compared. Comparing performance rating on various dimensions allows you to spot top performers and potential future leaders. In a similar way, a consistent and objective rating can be used to design a fair reward and promotion scheme

achievement identification

Get Information of Your Top Talent

To plan training programs and career path effectively, you need to assess a talent’s potential and achievement from various perspectives. In Pro-Int HRIS, all information you need is centralized and easily accessible through the Talent Data Center.

the best talent information

Mapping Qualified Talent To The Right Position

Map your talent on the basis of Performance and Competency to see how they are positioned within the company. Based on that information, you can allocate the right talent to give maximum impact to your company.

talent placement

Improve Your Employee Skill With Training Programs

Training programs, if managed correctly, can help sharpen skills, introduce new concepts, transform culture, and enforce policies. Supported with Pro-Int HRIS training module, you can plan training needs, schedule programs, and achieve the result you truly want.

training program

Optimize Your Recruitment Process

Pro-Int HRIS gives you the complete and integrated solution to manage the Recruitment process: starting from Employee Request, e-Recruitment process, screening Candidates based on Job Specification or Talent Profile, evaluating your potential candidate, making an offer, until the actual Hiring process. This module also helps you to easily transfer all the candidate data to employee records.

recruitment optimalization


Appraisal Timeline

Experience tells us that in performance management, the “One Way Fits All” approach just doesn’t work. Every organization has its own unique approach to how performance management is conducted. Pro-Int HRIS allows you to design your own performance management steps. All planning and review steps are displayed visually in a timeline that you can interact with.

performance timeline configurable

Plan Objectives & Achievement Target

An organization is responsible for many aspects of developing employees and making the department a key component of a company success in achieving its objectives. Pro-Int HRIS offers a comprehensive performance planning system which allows you to plan objectives and achievement target

plan & employee achievement

Appraisal Form Fully Customizable to

Your Needs

Configure your performance appraisal form to suit your needs. In Pro-Int HRIS, you have the freedom to decide what information to display and how the form looks like. The design process is intuitive with the help of the Form Builder Tool which helps you visualize the layout while designing.​

formulir penilaian kinerja karyawan

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