Workforce Administration



Pro-Int HRIS helps you manage all employee-related information.

It serves as a complete toolkit that enables you to mobilize your workforce, manage award and violation, and administer all employee movements, such as promotions, transfers, demotions, etc.

It goes beyond basic integration to give you the capability to easily maintain and utilize all aspects of your employee information.

Centralized Employee Information

All employee information is available in a centralized database, including current position, career history, education, photos, bio data and many more. You can easily control, sort, filter, group, analyze, and take action on the data instantly

informasi karyawan yang tersentralisasi

All Employee Movements At Your Fingertips

Manage all movements of human resources to where they need to be. We help you easily change an employee’s assignment & move them across job levels, positions, or locations

kelola perubahan status karyawan

Analyze Your Workspace

Build compelling reports of your workforce demographic and reveal hidden business opportunities. Grasp the true business impact of your workforce and use these insights to bring huge company-wide benefits.

membuat analisa & laporan hr

Workflow Approval

Create flexible workflow approval framework for single layer, multi layer approvals and exceptional employees feature for those who don’t have any framework. Also feel the extra flexibility by using one template for many transactions

setting workflow secara fleksibel

Set Up Leave Matrix Based On Job Attribute

Maintain employee leave requests and classify employee leave entitlement according their job level.

kelola permohonan cuti karyawan

Simply Build Your Company Organization Design

Get more efficient when you build easily your organization structure, position and job title which can be firm foundation and direction for user to build workflow framework, organization chart, and reporting

fitur struktur & kebijakan organisasi

Manage Temporary Employees

Get a reminder notification of any due date to evaluate temporary employee and temporary employee status changes.

Simplified all these employees status changes in single software

kelola pegawai tetap dan tidak tetap

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